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What happens to my rubbish, the box. Part 3

by cllreleanorrylance on 21 November, 2018

Card from the green box

The box used to receive all the recycling, but since the materials recycling facility was installed, and plastics have been sorted and recycled, we’ve had to do things a bit differently.

Now all that goes in the box is glass, and card and paper. If you watch the crews at the kerbside, you’ll see they have to sort these out by the side of the road. They have to sort out paper from card as they can’t be recycled in the same way- this takes a bit of time. It’s also not a perfect idea because sometimes, broken glass ends up mixed up with the paper and card, so the officers and the waste company are constantly searching for solutions that householders will accept that enable the sorting to to done more quickly. It’s a constant balancing act!

There are some tests going on in Woodbury for a few months to see if asking residents to sort out their card from their paper in advance is a good idea- watch this space.

Sorting out the recyclables is the tricky and time-consuming bit, and therefore the most expensive part of the process, so anything we as householders can do to help cuts our council tax.

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