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What happens to my rubbish, the food caddy, part 5

by cllreleanorrylance on 21 November, 2018

You will see that you have a blue food caddy and its kitchen friend, the small green caddy, for kitchen scraps.

This is actually one of the most exciting parts of the whole process (even possibly more exciting than the Materials Recycling Facility!). The contents of your food caddy- food scraps, tea bags, even cooked food like meat and bones, go off to an anaerobic digester in Wiltshire.

They are rotted down into a perfectly good compost, the methane that the plant gives off is captured and turned into electricity. This is a much better way of “recycling” wet things like old cold spaghetti, rotten lettuce and bones. Every single scrap you put in the food caddy instead of the wheelie bin can be recycled into compost far more efficiently than if it is sent to the incinerator.

And efficient recycling means, you guessed it! Lower council tax bills. And some good compost.

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