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A really rubbish blog

by cllreleanorrylance on 15 October, 2019

At the risk of dragging this blog into the bin…

I was happy to be able to ring up to talk to Janet Kipling on BBC Radio Devon on Friday, to talk about how well the people of East Devon are doing at recycling. My colleague Geoff was on just before me, talking about the nuts and bolts of what East Devon district council does. My point was that even the contractor, Suez, had been caught unawares by the enthusiasm of people for recycling.

I sent a big shout-out also to Debbie at the Broadclyst Post Office stores, who has recently opened a packaging-free area in her shop. This is doing really well, even though it’s only been open a fortnight, because there is a lot of demand for buying goods in this way.

We as consumers have power. If we demand to buy unwrapped goods, then shops will start to provide. And really, who needs to buy a cucumber or swede wrapped in plastic? They already come with skin you can peel or wash!

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